• Administrative control of attached wings.
  • Implement decisions of the Federal. Provincial Government.
  • Supervise the Federal/ Provincial projects.
  • Develops and implements policies of the Government.

Directorate of Archives

The Department comprises the following:

  • Acquisition/ collection of important archival, cultural and educational resources from various department and district headquarters.
  • Management and reservation of Archival record of the Government.
  • Preserved and managed record is offered for research, administration and planning purpose.
  • Acquisition and preservation of private collections of historical importance, such as important tribal families papers.
  • Acquisition and preservation of oral archives, i.e. collection of sound recording of speeches, interviews of eminent provincial leader.
  • Microfilming of sensitive records of Government and other private records of national importance.
  • Acquisition and maintenance of Government printed material/ publication, newspapers and periodicals.

Archeological Museum

  • To collect, acquire, excavate of archeological and historical relics.
  • To preserve, exhibit, interpret and project the cultural heritage of the province.

Idara-e-Saqafat/ Art Council

  • To promote cultural activities in the province.
  • To highlight Balochistan’s district cultural heritage by arranging exhibition, dances, music and folksongs.
  • To train in folk arts, fine arts, and calligraphy.
  • To setup Balochistan’s pavilion on the occasion like Lok Mela at Islamabad and provincial float 23rd March, Day parade.
  • To conduct national and foreign cultural troupes during their visits to balochistan.
  • To organize stage dramas, and musical shows.

Tourism Cell

  • Promotes and develop tourism in Balochistan.
  • Develops tourism related projects.
  • Develops tourism facilities such as Hotels, Rest Houses and Restaurants.
  • To set up tourist information centers to provide relevant in formation.


  • Maintains/ Preserves Books.
  • Maintains a hall of study.
  • Keeps useful books for students.
  • To facilitate readers/ researcher/ students by providing books, magazine, newspapers and reading materials with a view to promoting the culture of knowledge.
  • To exhibit books on special occasions.